Thursday, 3 October 2013

DIY Sedum

A few years back when we were installing the huge sloping sedum roof at the International Digital Laboratory at the University of Warwick, I thought it was time to green the two modest flat roofs at home – 10 m² over the rear extension and 4m² over the ground floor loo.  The internet offered me two opportunities - a supplier in a garden centre in Kentish Town, who when I visited had stopped the previous week, and an on-line source that drove me so mad I gave up. 
International Digital Laboratory, University of Warwick

So imagine my delight when, in the recent post-holiday autumn lull, I found a whole host of sites offering DIY sedum.  Three days later a van from Q Lawns of Thetford arrived with 14m² of roofing and three hours after that it was laid – a separating layer of polythene, a springy lightweight drainage layer, a heavy felt and then the sedum itself more or less attached to another layer of felt.  The sedum came in 1200mm squares so I was grateful for my son Sol’s help carrying it up the stairs and laying it.
stacked in the hall
laying the felt

It’s not necessary but it should protect the asphalt from the sun and it does need the occasional weed but it is a delight to look out of the bedroom and landing windows at our DIY sedum.

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