Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Architecture by Bike - Lumen Church

Cullinans' Design Management Team - Team 1 - continued their series of "Architecture by Bike" visits with a lunchtime trip to Theis & Khan's Lumen Church and community centre in Bloomsbury on Monday 28th March.
We found the simplicity and clarity of detailing well suited to the calmness and legibility of function that the cleverly planned series of spaces demand. Spaces within spaces have made for a much more valuable community facility than a simple place of worship could have provided. A prayer / meditation "cone" separates the excellent cafe from the chapel whilst a separate atrium route allows the community to use the garden and meeting spaces at the rear, without interrupting services.
Ubiquitous rooflights ensure that daylight is used to good effect in all rooms, whilst a huge, triple-height window onto Tavistock Place ensures that passers by are welcomed in. The busyness of the cafe despite the church's position away from the main thoroughfares of Judd Street and Gray's Inn Road is evidence of the success of the project. Good food too!

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