Thursday, 22 July 2010

Maggie's Night Hike

A team from Edward Cullinan Architects will be taking part in this years Maggie's Night Hike.

This 20 mile night walk around London takes place on 17 September and is in aid of Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres. Maggie's Centres aim to help people adjusting to living with a diagnosis of cancer so that they can get on with their lives. They provide relaxation and stress reduction techniques, guidance on finding the right information for anyone affected by cancer, and simply a welcoming environment to meet and share experiences over a cup of tea.

Having participated in 2008, we are looking forward to taking part again this year, particularly as we are designing the Maggie's Centre North East.

The team name, Cullinan's Solar Strollers, has been inspired by the sun image, shown in the section below, that Ted Cullinan drew to highlight the passive solar principles used in the design of the Maggie's Centre North East.

Section through the proposed Maggie's Centre North East: Pipes below the surrounding banks will provide ground source heating to the building and a south facing sloping roof over the library will have photovoltaic cells to make electricity.

Roof plan: A landscaped garden on the roof of the Centre will be furnished with a bowling green and fixed exercise equipment.

Ground floor plan: The Centre will have within it a dining/kitchen for meeting and preparing food in; a large shared room for activities such as yoga, classes and lectures; two smaller meeting rooms; two counselling rooms for three people; and a library with a fire in to sit by in peace.

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