Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Softball Season

ECA's one match winning streak was ended in dramatic fashion last Wednesday night by ESA. Brimming with confidence from our 100% record, ECA opted to bat first and were all out for a spectacular zero runs. ESA's very soft ball taking most of the credit - with even the big hitters struggling to hit it out of the diamond! ESA also struggled with the ball, but still managed to hit a home run and finished the innings on 3. Kevin taking a catch in the field and Amy taking 2 run-outs on first base. Unfazed ECA stepped up to the plate - it could only get better - and we did ourselves proud with a much improved innings, in which we again failed to score a single run! ESA hit another home run in their second innings, but the score was held to 5-0 by good work between Lucy and Amy, who managed to get all 3 ESA scalps on first base.

ECA encouraged a change of ball for the 3rd innings, and it looked to have paid off as Chris C hit a home run, getting ECA's first score on the board. This was unfortunately followed by three quick outs leaving ECA on a slightly disappointing 2 runs after 3 innings! ESA then took full advantage of the harder ball, quadrupling their score before being halted by a long catch by Johnny, and another 2 run-outs by Amy on first base (bringing her total to 7 outs in the game!) With the score at 20-3 ECA had it all to do in the 4th innings - and had a promising start with Kevin hitting a home run. It wasn't to be however, as another quick 3 outs saw ECA finish on 4 runs after 4 innings! This meant ESA had won by an innings and 16 runs, with the final score 20 - 4.

ESA offered to give us another short game - one innings each - then proceeded to score 16 runs very quickly indeed! With the light fading, ESA declared on 16 to give us a chance to bat. ECA rose like a phoenix from the flames, and began hitting runs left right and centre. With a home run each from Johnny, Kevin, Dave and myself - and an impressive 2 home runs off 2 balls from Chris C we managed to save face and kind of sort of won the second game 20-16!

Disappointed captain

...even more disappointed Johnny

...things weren't looking so good at this point...

...finally a home run for Johnny......and for Chris C.

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