Thursday, 17 November 2011

Allan Collins Exhibition

Last Thursday night August Art held the private view of Iteration: a joint show featuring the work of Edward Cullinan Architects partner Allan Collins.

Allan is showing a selection of his drawings together with the artist Bram Thomas Arnold.

The exhibition continues to 3 Dec

August Art Gallery, 224 Shoreditch High Street.

A5B5, A5B9, A5B17, A5B33, A9B5, A9,B9, A9B17, A9B33
A17B5, A17B9, A17B17, A17B33, A33B5, A33B9, A33B17 A33B33
16 Ink Drawings on Isometric Paper. Each 21cm x 29.7cm

6x1 (v) A-B BlueRed & 6x3 (v) A-B BlueRed
Ink Drawings on Tracing Paper
Each 21cm x 29.7cm

“In the act of appreciation whether a work of art, architecture, a piece of music or a scientific equation the beholder experiences those precise emotions which passed through the mind of the creator in his moment of creation. With the help of the artist he himself shares the joy of creation. However the act of appreciation is not always given, the path to real aesthetic pleasure is often through toil”. Allan Collins

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